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Jerusalem Chiropractor

Get adjusted, get well & forget the pain.



Originally from South Africa, I studied at the University of Johannesburg, where I received my Masters in Chiropractic (M.Tech Chiropractic) in 2013.

I am a fully certified, qualified and licensed Chiropractor in Israel and South Africa, and am a member of the Israel Chiropractic Society (ICS).

Why I am a Chiropractor 

As a boy, I used to watch the TV show ER, and from a young age, I knew that in life wanted to help people. This inspired me to become a doctor so that I could fulfil my passion to help people.

Much of my time was spent playing sport, ultimately leading me to an understanding of the human body. In order to help cope with various inevitable sports injuries, I started physical therapy treatment. Some time after receiving treatment for neck pain, a family member enlightened me to the world of Chiropractic. I particularly loved the philosophy of how a Chiropractor aids the body in healing itself through the intelligence within our body to function and heal (innate intelligence). I then made a life-changing decision to see a Chiropractor, and after having my first Chiropractic spinal manipulation/adjustment, I felt an extraordinary difference in my body.

Soon after, I realised that being a Chiropractor would be a perfect fit for me. It would combine my passion for helping people, providing the best care, my love for sport and physical activity, and appreciation for the philosophy of innate intelligence, to produce a deeply satisfying and fulfilling direction to my life.

I could not be happier with the choice I made, and have not looked back since.

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Compressed Nerves
Disc Herniation
Headaches and Migraines
Sports Injuries
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Ligament Sprains
Muscle Sprains
Posture Disorders
TMJ/Jaw Pain
Spinal Adjustment
Kinesiology Tape
Sports Massage
Scar Tissue Release
Muscle Energy Technique
Laser/Infrared Therapy
Dry Needling
IASTM (Gua-Sha)
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